WBP New Poly 7.62x39 30rd Magazines

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Price: $15.95
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These newly designed Polish synthetic 30rd magazines are a great option for a light weight reliable mag. Throw them from extreme heights or run them over repetitively with a 2 1/2 ton Deuce on concrete and they are still in the fight. Using an advanced polycarbonate blend along with a high strength heat treated steel spring these are a great bargain!

This is the earlier V-project model of this mag 

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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Excellent Magazines!
Joe Shema (Clovis, NM) 9/20/2019 4:32 PM
Highly recommend! You won’t be disappointed.
Rock Solid in PSAK
Darren (Florida) 6/20/2019 7:14 PM
Bought one to try out in my PSAK-47 GF3. Perfect fit - rocks into the gun from all angles with no effort and a solid lock up. 200 rounds with no issues, however the baseplate can shift 5mm back and forth with light pressure (easily remedied). Also, it will not lock into my WASR 10/63 without modification, leaving 2 gouges on the front of my mag. It looks great and besides the baseplate on mine it is absolutely sturdy. I will definitely be ordering more. 5/5
Yugo M70 No-Go
Cisco (Florida) 2/17/2019 9:33 PM
Awesome looking mags, feel very sturdy and feel very nice. They're also very easy to load. Unfortunately Yugo m70s (Npap) don't seem to like them, couldn't get one mag in and the other one went in after a lot of fuss. Works great on my PSA Gen 3 and Yugo M92 though.
My favorite mags
Dennis M. Gatta Jr. (Wilmington Delaware) 1/9/2019 7:50 PM
Admittedly I am new the the WBP ak products, I am a vepr fanboy I guess but the prices drove me from that market, and stumbled across WBP, honesty I was concerned about quality coming from a tank like the vepr, but to my pleasent surprise the WBP items that I've bought so far have met the highest of standards, these mags are no exception, rugged with a feel of top tier firearm products, I can't wait to get my FB-radom/WBP SBR build underway... 10 out of 10
Strong magazines
Todd (North Carolina ) 12/31/2018 7:10 PM
I have literally beaten one of these mags with a hammer. I tried to break the locking lug off with the claws of a hammer. It deformed but still locks up solid. I beat the lips with a hammer and they still cycle. I double dropped it loaded from a 12 ft ladder. Some ammo came out; I stuffed it back in there and the lips still held the ammo in and the mag cycled. Let’s see a steel mag or a mag with steel lining do that! I have ten of these and would not hesitate to buy 10 more. In fact I probably will for my 5.56 ak.