WBP Mini 7.62x39 Cal Lynx Tactical SBR Model Parts kit *NFA Rules Apply*

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100% New Polish production WBP Lynx Pistol parts kit with upgraded FORGED barrel trunnion and fully milled bolt & carrier. This kit was designed for a 7.62x39 10.25 inch barrel we will be offering soon. Alternatively this kit can easily be adapted to a standard 16 inch akm barrel cut down and re-threaded. This kit was specifically designed to adapt to standard AKM journal specs to give builders a wide variety of barrel options to choose from. The flash hider is standard 14/1 LH thread

This kit comes with all of the bells and whistles such as the enhanced safety selector lever and enhanced trigger guard system allowing users to operate the pistol and perform magazine changes under high stress or while wearing thick gloves with ease. The machined picatinny rail gas tube gives operators a stable platform to mount picatinny based optics or accessories. The Fabryka Broni pistol grip that is included is also one of the latest AK pistol grips designed by the Polish Military. This kit includes the WBP club poly buttstock which is built like a tank and reinforced with fiberglass so it can actually perform tasks buttstocks were originally designed for.

This kit includes everything you will need for the build minus barrel, receiver, trigger parts, and rivets! We always recommend a red star retaining plate to secure the axis pins after installing the trigger system.

This kit was designed with a special aluminum gas tube that is machined as a one piece picatinny rail system providing users an actual sturdy platform to mount optics. Its not simply a removable upper handguard that can move and throw off the zero.

NFA RULES APPLY! If you plan to purchase this kit you will need to install a 6 inch extension and weld/pin it in place if you do have have the proper SBR paperwork in order to build it as is.

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