WBP Lynx 7.62x39 10.25 inch barrel *USA Nitride 4150* NO GAS PORT

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These barrels were cut down and profiled by a machine shop for the WBP Lynx Pistol using a USA 4150 nitride barrel. Gas port is no longer drilled. You can simply use a #30 drill bit to finish the port

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Product Reviews

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RE: James Review
Jay (las vegas) 1/11/2019 6:30 PM
In reply to James' review (above) can a new gas hole be drilled to fit the DDI combo gas block? I had the same idea s you and without having a combo block and barrel specs at hand, I'd bet (since I'm in Vegas,$1K it would fit with a new hole) weld the existing one closed. AOA rocks Baby!
Some differences
James (Texas) 12/23/2018 11:12 AM
The pictures show a full nitride coating over the entire barrel. The actual barrel front end over the gas port and threads is raw, the nitride is machined off. These are simply cut down akm barrels, they did not nitride them after cutting despite what is pictured. Strictly informational, but I was planning on using a DDI combo gas block however the gas port is too far forward and about a half an inch of the gas block would hang over the threads. You will need to use the WBP Gen 3 gas block or maybe the a krinkov block will work on these barrels