WBP *Fully Headspaced 4150V Nitride barrel* Mini 7.62x39 Cal Lynx Khyber Pass with 4.5mm Taiwanese Triangle Stock

Item Number: 8560
Price: $749.00


100% New Polish production WBP Lynx Pistol parts kit with upgraded FORGED barrel trunnion and fully milled bolt & carrier. This kit was fully populated and headspaced on a 4150V Nitride barrel that was modified for this pistol. This parts kit is perfect for an SBR or full sized rifle build. The barrel is threaded for 14/1 LH thread and will require a 6 inch extension to bring it to 16 inches if doing a rifle build.

This stock is a Taiwanese production stock designed for the 4.5mm pivot pin

This kit comes with all of the bells and whistles such as the enhanced safety selector lever and enhanced trigger guard system allowing users to operate the pistol and perform magazine changes under high stress or while wearing thick gloves with ease.

This kit includes everything you will need for the build minus receiver, trigger components, and rivets! We always suggest a red star retainer plate to secure the axis pins after installing the trigger system. KITS NOW INCLUDE A SMOOTH DUST COVER instead of the Ribbed Dust Cover in Photo.

*You will still need to drill the hole in the front trunnion for the latch mechanism when installing the khyber stock components

This pistol kit will have scratches and chips from when it was assembled and populated. The parts come to us from Poland with a finish on them and the Gunsmiths do their best to prevent scratches and chips but you will still see markings from assembly. Most builders refinish the build once it is fully built since more markings are bound do happen during the riveting process.

*Polish rear sight features the Polish eagle coat of arms!

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