Polish AK Bolt *Brand New Production* Fits most AK & AKM-47's & fully machined BACK IN STOCK!

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These are produced by a modernized arms factory in Poland that focuses specifically on high end Military grade parts. Looking for a true brand new mil spec bolt? These bolts are fully machined from forged steel just like the original military soviet era produced bolts. Thanks to modern technology the specs are even better! Works in all Euro AK & AKM 47's in both semi and full auto mode!

Unlike any other new production AK bolts currently being sold WBP checks these bolts for 58 proper dimensions using the Zeiss CMM

Includes 1 complete full auto and or semi auto bolt (not 2 which are pictured)

* Anytime you install a new bolt into a firearm it is always a good idea to check headspace before operating or allow a qualified gunsmith to check it. It is possible this bolt will require minor fitting to one of the lugs before it will lock into battery depending on the rifle. When these rifles are built the bolt lug is typically hand fitted to each rifle at the factory and WBP has removed a small amount from the necessary bolt lug so it will work with most rifles without adjustment. But it is still possible you will need to do some additional fitment

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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c39v2 swap
ajp (ri) 5/7/2019 4:35 PM
this worked perfect along with the 1960 milled bolt carrier. head spaced perfect not special fitting needed. passed go gauge passed no go gauge passed field gauge.
So Far works
Daryl Frisbee (WNC NC) 3/13/2019 7:52 PM
Purchased this for the C39v2. Had to file the lugs to get it to head space correctly. But had to do that to the factory one as well. Should have a decent gun now. Only time will tell. I also replaced the bolt carrier and spring.
davis (IN) 2/20/2019 10:05 AM
This is a not to all users of the C39V2. It is proven unsafe and does NOT pass chamber guaging as well as develops cracks in the trunnion. Using UV dye system the cracks are there before firing. IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THIS BOLT.
Nice bolt, but I drew the short straw.
Dan (Las Vegas) 1/3/2019 10:16 PM
I bought the WBP carrier and bolt for my C39v2, and the bolt doesn't even come close to fitting. I guess I'll just have to take it to a Smith for fitting...
2nd Purchased Bolt For C39V2
MtnYoda (Las Vegas) 11/13/2018 5:46 PM
This 1st bolt I ordered was literally a perfect fit in a C39V2 pistol. The factory bolt was much smaller and created alot of slop when going in and out of battery. I was happy with the fit of the 1st bolt I purchased in the WPB AK47 BOLT NEW 2018 PRODUCTION that I had to buy another. I own 2 C39V2s. The rifle length C39V2 factory bolt was much better from the start and was virtually a different size from the C39V2 pistol. The WPB New Production matches up perfectly once again. There is no filing or machine work needed. I think for those who state this bolt would not fit have a headspace issue with the rifle and not the bolt. The crown is set to deep into the receiver. I highly recommend this bolt. Functions as it should. This one will be a back up for the C39V2 rifle if ever needed. Better to ha e it and not need it than need it and not have it. A must for any rifle in my opinion. Good to go.