US 5.45x39 AK-74 Chrome Lined Phosphate Coated-"FOR OVERSIZED BARREL TRUNNION"

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New US chrome lined phosphate coated 5.45x39 barrels! This is a brand NEW premium 4140 US Steel 5.45x39 16inch barrel.  These barrels are based off of an original Bulgarian AK-74 barrel.  They are ready to go with the gas port drilled.  Be advised these barrels are built to spec for your Bulgarian and Russian 74 kits/rifles which means the barrel is not threaded (the Bulgarian Front Site base is threaded and once its pinned in place you will have a threaded barrel).
*Extractor and handguard retainer slots are cut

*Gas port is not drilled on these barrels

*Barrel is correctly chambered and bore is true 5.45 diameter.

*Works with almost all European build stamped AK's in 5.45x39 (Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian etc)



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