Romanian PM md. 65 Underfolding AKMS Parts kit 7.62x39 cal. w/ sling

Item Number: 9295
Price: $299.95


These late model Romanian Military Parts kits are in good condition + and are complete minus the barrel and receiver. This model includes the underfolding stock. Most of these kits we checked were all matching but we are making sure at a minimum initial orders receive major matching #'s - bolt, bolt carrier, trunnion, dust cover, and gas tube!

The small bag in the photo will have the muzzle device, original trigger pack, and other small pins etc.

This is an original Military surplus issued rifle so it may have rivet stubs in the trunnion, finish missing, small chips or dings in the wood or metal parts. Typical signs you would see from a Military service rifle

You will still need to order other small parts like rivets, USA semi auto trigger pack, a barrel, and receiver to complete it so its 922R compliant

We have the proper barrels right here

Rivets (add an extra long rivet to the order)

Long rivet


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