Romanian Military RPK Sidefolding Paratrooper model 7.62x39 *Battlefield Condition*

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These rare Romanian Military RPK's were designed for specialty troops needing a light weight compact machine gun that carries a punch. These are battlefield condition and range from 1989-1990 (we can not guarantee what year you receive) and they appear to be 100% matching and we will guarantee all the major components minus the small stuff like the recoil spring. The kit includes everything minus the barrel and receiver but you will still need rivets and other small 922r parts to complete the build. Cleaning rod included at this time until we run out

These are battlefield kits so expect dents, dings, carvings in the wood furniture, and typical battlefield signs

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Product Reviews

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Excellent Kits! Get One While They Last!
Freddy Tkach (Arizona) 3/7/2019 11:42 PM
This kit is a pretty dang rare RPK Kit and I have to say mine looks great. Yes this is the BFPU kit but I still think it will build a nice rifle. All the parts came demilled nicely to make building it less of a hassle. Also I give props to Andrew and the fellas at AofA for ensuring that my kit was matching. (I actually ended up getting the kit with the trench art of the dong in the picture) If you are on the edge of getting one of these get it! These are both rare here in the U.S. and Romania. I'm sure glad I picked up mine and can't wait to get it built.