Romanian Military Mod 63 AKM47 Parts Kit Fully Headspaced and assembled 4150V Nitride Barrel battlefield pickup * Not checked for match Serial #'s*

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These Romanian Military AKM47's are some of the last original Military rifles we could find overseas. Fully headspaced and assembled on a NEW 4150v US Nitride barrel. Carefully demilled piece by piece and carefully checked to ensure a tight headspace. These kits were issued so expect wear but they are still fully operational. They will have finish wear and possibly carvings, cracked upper handguards, small dents, and dings in parts and or the wood furniture.

On these kits we do not check for matching serial #'s but many parts will likely be matching

Some of these have a cracked upper wood handguard but all of the other furniture is good to go

You will still need to purchase a receiver, rivets/screws, and other small parts to complete this. These are original full auto Military rifles so you must comply with 922r and build this rifle in semi auto.


Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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If you got under 5 bills to spend and want no B.S. build.
Tory martinez (Bremerton, WA) 1/14/2020 11:45 PM
head spaced and populated . those two simple sounding terms go easy out the mouth. But face it if you aren't sure what that means as far as time and costly if done poorly. those two things are really more than have the build. all the numbers may not match but that's because they were likely gone through an armorer before decommission . so newer parts. the kit I got is in very good shape. better than I expected considering the description . if you must have a pretty rifle then spend another $500 on one. because people that know these Romanians guns don't stop running will be picking them up til there gone. AKs are not meant to be beautiful. but owning them is a beautiful thing. thanks AOA.
Good and bad
kevin (FL) 9/1/2019 2:34 PM
Ordered 2 kits so far. One was great cosmetic and functional. Other kit was missing selector plate and had a broken gas tube lever. Also had the upper hand guard held by nails and in overly rough shape. Same "bad" had the gas block pinned slightly to far out.
True battlefield pickup!!
Levi (KY) 9/1/2019 1:25 AM
Love it, is it missing all the finish? Yes but it's a living piece of history. Great quality from AoA. This is my first kit from AOA but definitely won't be my last!!
Best kit for the money I've ever built.
Jacob (Washington) 6/12/2019 8:35 PM
As others have stated, the headspace is tight on the go but that's how I set mine normally, all parts are very well cleaned and demilled. Barrel is perfect, alignment is perfect too. My only complaints are the slightly loose front handguard retainer and the only "bad" part is the rear sight adjustment button was rusted but still useable.
Not bad kits
Kemper ( KY) 2/15/2019 12:18 PM
I chose one of these to build a few months back and I have to say that I am very pleased with the product. I lucked out and ended up with a kit in which about half of the numbers matches(trunnion, bolt, bolt carrier,& saftey selector) the de-milling of the parts was superb. The head space was super tight which is what I like. The parts showed a decent amount of wear but were definitely all serviceable parts for the built. Barrel population was done well everything straight as an arrow, barrel pin had a really tight press fit. The only thing I had to complain about was that the lower hand guard had a loose fit but that is just due to worn surplus wood. I now had around 3 or 400 rounds through it and have had no issues or malfunctions. Iv got $480 all together in this build. So Not a bad option if you're getting tired of paying the cost of the current AK market. I would recommend!