Polish *FORGED TRUNNION* Model WBP AKM-47 Parts kit 7.62x39 Cal w/ Polish Military Beryl Picatinny Rail System w/ handguards

Item Number: 7280
Price: $489.00


100% Brand new Polish production AKM-47 Parts kit *minus furniture* These kits feature the Polish Military Beryl Picatinny rail system, forged trunnion, and 100% milled bolt & bolt carrier! This Military rail system enables the user to have the best of both worlds utilizing all modern optics giving the operator a 7.62x39 rifle with all of the modern benefits the latest AR-15's carry with the advantage of the legendary AK47 gas piston reliability!

This parts kit features a special rear trunnion and rear sight system similar to that of the Polish Military which allows the Polish Military FB Radom rail to be mounted securely over the rifle for tactical situations. The rail can also be quickly removed by the flip of a lever and re-installed securely unlike other cheap rail systems this can actually hold a zero.

Built to serve both civilian and law enforcement needs these parts kits have the ability to function in semi auto only or select fire/full auto if necessary. We do not include the 3rd axis pin or full auto fire control parts in this package. This parts kit includes everything minus furniture, barrel, receiver, and trigger parts which we offer. You will also want to order screws or rivets to complete assembly

You will want to purchase the following to complete this (we offer all of these parts)
US Semi Auto trigger group
Screws or rivets for assembly
 Handguards with metal heat shields are included but you will still want a buttstock to finish this kit. This kit will accept all popular AK furniture such as Magpul, Tapco, and most surplus furniture. In order to use a standard AKM fixed stock you will need to dremel/remove some material to allow the rear plate to seat.

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