First off we would like to mention we source the majority of our AK parts from overseas in Europe because of their decades of experience in manufacturing the AK variant. While we do support US manufacturing in many ways our primary goal is to offer the US Customer’s the highest quality parts with a proven track record.

WBP - logo

WBP - Rogow, Poland

Arms of America, LLC is a WBP direct authorized Importer and Distributor

For new production AK47 parts we decided our best option was to look to Poland for help. Polish Military AK/AKM platform rifles are known throughout the world for being one of the best quality AK rifles ever produced. Poland is also a strong ally so we felt this was a perfect fit for our US customers in many ways. WBP has been committed to producing quality parts that the American consumer can count on from the start. Our customer’s can actually find the staff from WBP taking feedback and answering questions online with the various American AK Firearms community pages which is unheard of for an overseas arms supplier. Several very prominent AK Manufactures throughout the USA currently offer 100% brand new complete WBP rifle builds and the feedback has been excellent from the customer’s purchasing these AK rifles.

Wytwornia Broni Jacek Popinski (WBP) is an independent privately-owned manufacturing company with its premises in Rogów, Poland. The WBP manufacturing facility maintains a fully equipped workshop for manufacturing, maintenance, repair and upgrade of small arms.

WBP’s core business is the production of 7.62x39mm AKM assault rifles both in semi-automatic and full-automatic (milspec versions). Their know-how allows WBP to design and develop their own parts and accessories that modify and improve the AK platform.

Currently WBP hires over 90 highly trained staff, including engineers, designers, CNC operators and assembly workers. WBP is the only privately-owned small arms manufacturer in Poland with such production, assembly and storage capacity.


Fabryka Broni - logo

Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” AKA FB Radom

Arms of America, LLC is a FB Radom direct authorized Importer and Distributor

Fabryka Broni is formerly known in the USA as Radom. Fabryka Broni is a Polish defence industry enterprise from Radom, Poland and is recongized as Poland’s leading manufacture for small arms. They currently posses one of the worlds most state of the art production facilities for small arms production. We are authortized importers and offer their new cold hammer forged chrome lined AKM sporter barrels produced utilizing their Steyr-Mannlicher hammer forging machines. These barrels are known amongst the AK community to be the finest AK barrel on the market. We also offer a variety of new parts produced by Fabryka Broni as well as our Radom surplus Polish AK parts and kits. The old Radom AK parts and magazines we offer are becoming increasingly rare and will probably not be around for much longer.

Ratmil Cugir Arsenal/Romarm

The majority of our surplus kits are currently coming from demilled Romanian surplus Military Rifles. The Romanians produced excellent Military small arms and the Military AKM kits we offer are proven to be an excellent option for someone looking for both excellent quality and a decent price.


We offer surplus spare parts from Hungary’s small arms Factory Fegyver- és Gépgyár. These days we rarely see surplus items left from Hungary so this option will not be available longterm.

East German/DDR

We occasionaly offer East German AK parts and AKM kits. These are very rare throughout the world and we seldom have many options from East Germany. The quality was top notch so do not hesitate to purchase anything surplus East German related.