Occam Lube DIY Kit

Item Number: 9275
Price: $13.99


Love the Occam Lube system but want to use your own grease or oil? This is the kit for you! We've put together a kit that gives you the ability to fill 3 syringes with either oil or grease. Simply pack grease or pour oil into the 30 cc syringe, connect the Occam Lube syringe using the gender adapter, and fill to 1.25 cc. We include both 22 gauge needles for oil and 14 gauge needles for grease. If you want even more awesome, get our grease gun adapter HERE or our oil bottle HERE for the ultimate in clean filling. Occam Lube (PATENT PENDING) doesn't leak (unless you do something egregious!) and fits everywhere-- pockets, stocks, admin pouches, backpacks, toolbags, etc. The 14 gauge needle precisely delivers the grease where you need it-- no need to get it all over your hands. Never be without lube again! Not thrilled with the available OCCAM Lube options? Make your own! The OCCAM Lube DIY Kit includes a large refill syringe, three OCCAM Lube syringes, three large-guage needles, three small-guage needles, and a gender adapter. Use your favorite oil or grease to make your own OCCAM Lube syringes, the most convenient solution to all your weapons lubrication need.

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