WBP Fox Beryl Polish laminate AK wood stock set *Trap door for cleaning kit in stock installed* Stock cut-out for Beryl Trunnion

Item Number: 9065
Price: $99.95


Beautiful brand new Polish laminate furniture with the stock configured for the Beryl trunnion on the WBP Fox . Unlike the cheap knockoffs this furniture is reinforced with metal pins same as the high end Polish Military production! This will still work with traditional AKM's such as all Polish, Russia, Bulgarian, East German and more. But you will have a gap in the rear due to the stock being cut out for the beryl trunnion which is wider so just order the standard version

Due to the nature of laminate wood it is possible the color or pattern could vary slightly on the furniture. The upper hand guard is typically darker compared to the stock and lower handguard which are the same shade. We do not offer exchanges, returns, or special requests with this product. This is brand new furniture that has never been assembled so some slight drilling for the stock screws and fitment will be required. The stock screws are not included since you can typically reuse those parts from your existing AK rifle but if required we offer them for .99 cents each

These new models have the trap door for the cleaning kit and all required mechanisms installed!

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