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Arms of America, LLC buys and sells large quantities of police and security items including small arms, ammunition, semi-automatic rifles, body armor, and handguns of all types and calibers.  Please contact us at (623)-444-2573, or email us at
Government and Law Enforcement Agency- How to Buy Firearms/ L.E. High Capacity Magazines
For Individual Officers wishing to order 'Law Enforcement Only' Firearms or L.E. high capacity mags, the following specific legal requirements (with limitations) apply:
1. A letter, on official Agency or Department letterhead, requesting a purchase of a specific weapon or specific ammunition must be received by Arms of America, LLC. The text of the letter must state your request to purchase a specific product, and that is for official use.
2. A Purchase Order from the Agency or Department must accompany the letter mentioned above.
3. Any orders for weapons or ammunition being shipped to Police Departments or Law Enforcement Agencies must also include a Letter of Tax Exemption which must be signed by the Senior Law Enforcement Office, Chief, Sheriff or Agency Director.


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