Headspaced Polish *Forged* Model WBP AKM-47 kit 7.62x39 Cal w/ Polish Military Beryl Rail System+ 4150 Nitride barrel

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100% Brand new Polish production AKM-47 Parts kit w/ 4150 nitride lined barrel. These kits feature a Polish Military Beryl rail system, forged trunnion, and WBP 100% milled bolt & bolt carrier! This Military rail system enables the user to use all modern optics.

This parts kit features a special rear trunnion and rear sight system from WBP similar to that of the Polish Military which allows the Polish Military FB Radom rail to be mounted securely over the rifle for tactical situations. The rail can also be quickly removed by the flip of a lever and re-installed securely unlike other cheap rail systems and can actually hold a zero.

This WBP parts kit includes everything minus the stock, receiver, and trigger parts which we offer. You will also want to order screws or rivets to complete assembly. KITS NOW INCLUDE A SMOOTH DUST COVER instead of the Ribbed Dust Cover in Photo.

Upgrade to the Enhanced Safety Selector Lever and Enhanced Trigger guard combo for only $15.00 extra by selecting this link!

You will want to purchase the following to complete this (we offer all of these parts)
US Semi Auto trigger group
Screws or rivets for assembly
Furniture such as buttstock is not included but all furniture such as Magpul, Tapco, and most surplus furniture will fit this trunnion

All of the parts in this package are brand new mil spec parts either Manufactured by WBP or the Polish Small Arms Defense Factory FB (formerly Radom) and shipped to the US. But during assembly in the US the finish is often scratched on some parts which is unavoidable. Most builders refinish the rifle once it is entirely assembled. But if you plan not to refinish after building expect some small areas with finish removed which happens during barrel population. This can easily be touched up

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Product Reviews

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Great parts and price but took some tuning
James Whisonant (USA) 5/22/2018 7:59 PM
I purchased this kit and assembled it on a morissey receiver. When screwed together in trial assembly, the magazine latch and well were perfectly aligned, but after riveting it became really tight, to the point I wouldn't want to mod a mag to fit. Swapping to a Hungarian release latch fixed it perfectly, and the problem followed when the polish latch went in the other rifle. Other than that, assembly was cake and the final result was a beautifully smooth and accurate rifle. It was very overgassed at first and was beating the carrier up. The recoil spring it came with was very light, so I swapped that and restricted the gas port. Now, at least 1000 rounds in and it is a beast!