If you do not personally have a Federal Firearms License and wish to purchase a firearm please visit the top link on the left hand side called Find a local FFL and select a dealer to perform the transfer.  You may purchase the firearm from our site but you must notify us with the FFL Dealers info and also have them fax a copy of their FFL to us at 888-215-9738 or email it to Sales@armsofamerica.com.  If you personally have an FFL scroll down to the next paragraph.

Dealers Wanted! This applies exclusively to FFL holders purchasing direct

Upon receiving a copy of your FFL by faxing it to 888-215-9738 or emailing it to Sales@armsofamerica.com we will issue you a dealer discount of up to 10% off for YOU the FFL holder to use solely on your order for every purchase through us.  Please list your FFL # into the customer comment section or under Company ship to so we can be sure to apply the discount before processing the order. We encourage dealers to stock our products by always offering special prices on most of our products.  We will not ship prohibited firearms to FFL Dealers in restricted States.

We are California Dealer friendly as far as all products we offer that are legal for CA FFL holders to stock.