AK Rail Alignment Tool By Requiem Arms

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Price: $34.95
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Unlike other rail jigs on the market, our jig is the only one that has the middle spacer milled to a perfect 6mm-as it should be.

Our lower support piece is wider and longer giving much better support while maintaining the proper side-to-side distance.

Our top support piece is also longer and wider giving you much better support.

As you will notice, the ends are milled out-which allows you to insert your welding tips much easier and much faster, while still giving you perfect support.

Also, our jig is almost the full length of the rails, giving you full, proper alignment, support and spacing throughout. No one else's is.

You can see in the pics how the bottom piece holds the rails nice and tight against the side of the receiver.

Made of 4140 steel.

You will also notice that we use 3 times the amount of steel in our jig.

Much, much better  tool and much, much better value.

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