AIMS-74 Romanian Military 5.45x39 30rd Steel Magazine hand picked to be Very good to excellent condition *Low inventory numbers remaining*

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AIMS-74 Romanian Military 5.45x39 30rd Steel Magazine. We are hand picking these rare magazines to be very good to excellent condition.

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Product Reviews

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Good Mags with some TLC
Joseph (East Coast) 7/24/2018 7:52 PM
I bought four of these magazines and received them all relatively quickly. It was certainly not a rush delivery but it didn't keep me waiting or anything for them. Once they arrived, they were in all-around pretty good condition. A few of the magazines had light surface rust and all of them needed to be cleaned of dirt/grime/oil/etc. I simply disassembled them, scrubbed them all down with solvent, then soaked them in a large vat of Coke until I felt satisfied. I then hosed them off under the bath faucet and dried them out using a hair dryer. I then applied a light coat of oil over areas with high wear. Only one of the four magazines had internal rust bad enough that I was concerned and I marked that magazine off and am watching it closely. So far (after cleaning it thoroughly) there was only one malfunction, which I will get to below. Apart from that, every magazine I bought functioned flawlessly. The magazines do fit my Rifle Dynamics 502 pretty well, but they have the tendency to seat further into the magazine well (the lip on the front of the magazine meant to catch the receiver so you can rock the mag in gets pushed up further than it's supposed to) but that's easily fixed by practice and paying a little attention. As far as the failure I got, I can confirm it wasn't the ammo or the rifle. The day I went out shooting was extremely raining and I had already done some reloads dropping the magazines into the mud/water (about 5 inches of standing water and the range is dirt/gravel). One round failed to feed but was fine after I charged it again. This was the mag mentioned above. Upon taking them home after a pretty rough day (~1000 rounds), I inspected them and found light surface rust on the three, some rust on the inside of the fourth mag where it had previously been, and mud in all of them. I cleaned them all out again as described before and they all function flawlessly. They are heavy but I just got them to test. I prefer Circle 10.
ak 74 magazines
charles kennedy (Kalispell, MT) 3/11/2018 2:15 PM
Very happy with the two magazines I just purchased! Plan on buying at least 2 more in the next 19 days!!
AIMS74 steel mag new condition
Paul H (Tennessee ) 2/24/2018 6:39 PM
I bought 2 of these Mags to try out, WOW! Brand new, never issued or used! Every other dealer wants twice as much for USED Mags! I did have to hand file the rear locking lug to get the perfect fit but very little. Excellent... Highly recommend!
Grr8 mags
Alberto Alvarez (IOWA) 2/6/2018 8:41 AM
These are or like brand new. I have a very hard time finding these mags but when I do they are extremely expensive. Will keep buying them until they run out!
Excellent AK74 Magazine for VEPR AK74
Terry Kelley (Homestead, FL) 1/14/2018 8:31 PM
I purchased a couple of these magazines for my VEPR AK74. The finish was like new for both. They were very tight in my VEPR with no wobble. I removed a little bit of the paint off the rear locking lug on both magazines to make them fit perfectly. At the range both fed my rifle flawlessly. If you have a VEPR AK74 you will love these magazines. I will definitely buy more of them soon.